Bus Rules

Fremont RE-2 School District


Bus Rules



  1. Bullying, harassment, physical abuse or any other such behavior will not be tolerated at the stop or on the bus.  These types of behavior will result in suspension of riding privileges.


  1. To keep the buses running on time for all customers, students shall be at their stops FIVE minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart.


  1. Students will leave the property of other students alone; driver has authority to secure all objects.


  1. Students will sit in their seats, facing the front with their personal belongings clear of aisle.  Be completely silent at all railroad tracks.


  1. Eating and or drinking on the bus is at the discretion of the driver.
  1. Students are not to be yelling on the bus or out the windows.  Students will keep head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.  The students will not throw any objects on the bus or out the bus windows.


  1. Profane or any other inappropriate language is not acceptable on the bus or at the stop.
  1. Students will respect other’s property; do not play in the yards near the stop, or in the road.
  1. Follow the instructions of your driver for safe procedures when crossing the street or leaving the bus stop location. Cross ten feet in front of the bus.  Be alert to driver and do not cross behind the bus.
  1. While waiting for the bus, stand 10 feet from the roadway.  Students should not push, shove, or crowd others while entering the bus. Students need to go directly to a seat.
  1. Students shall not use or display any tobacco products (smoking, chewing, matches, lighters, etc.), zappers, laser pointers, or alcohol at any time.
  1. Students will be respectful of the driver and other students.
  1. Students will remain in their seats during transportation and until the bus has come to a complete stop and the park brake has been pulled.
  1. Students will not tamper with or damage the bus, including the seats, floor, sidewalls, or any other equipment, including the emergency equipment. (Fines will be assessed for any damage and the student will be suspended until the fine is paid.)
  1. Students will keep head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
  1. Students will not throw any objects on the bus or out of the bus windows.
  1. Inappropriate use of cell phones and picture taking is not allowed.
  1. Students will refrain from spraying perfume or any other aerosol product while on the bus.


  1. Students will refrain from roughhousing or any physical play at the bus stop or on the bus.
  1. Students will remain on the bus once they have boarded, unless driver discretion.

   21.  Any behavior that the transportation staff consider to be unacceptable while riding   the bus will constitute riding privileges to be suspended. 

Additional Information:


Violations of school bus rules will be handled on an individual basis between rider and driver.  If a problem continues, parents will be contacted and progressive actions taken by school officials and/or the Transportation Department.  Immediate loss of transportation may occur depending on the severity of the violation.  Remember, school bus transportation is a privilege, not a right; school bus transportation can be suspended for willful misconduct or endangering the overall safety of the school bus or its occupants.

 Safety is the primary concern of the Fremont RE-2 School District Transportation Department.  When an incident occurs and distracts a driver’s attention from the road, the safety of the driver and each student is jeopardized.  Rules of conduct for students in transit minimize the risk of harm or injury to them and their driver.

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